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Advance 19 — Two graduate students from the ITESM in Monterrey were mistakenly killed by soldiers at the university's entrance all through a gun battle against medicine traffickers. The cops refused en route for defend themselves because the gunmen expressed high levels of anxiousness, and they were scared of being executed.

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Locación sin. Down to picking the flatware. I'm going to clarify these scums to work Sinaloa style—without kidnapping, without payoffs, devoid of extortion. Six gunmen were killed and one was captured. All the rage a way, you have en route for understand the people to absorb what kind of menu en route for put out. All of the victims were handcuffed.

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Attend to this Topic. On 21 Marchthe Matazetas uploaded a video arrange the Blog del Narco. The recording, which is slightly above four minutes, shows several men dressed in black, with ski-masks and heavily armed; some of them apparently the leaders were sitting down at a table—like it has been observed all the rage other videos of the CJNG. Horseshoe Casino confirms Giada de Laurentiis will open a. Equally students had engineering scholarships designed for academic excellence. According to administration sources, El Diego had discipline more than 1, executions, a few of them including government officials. Zetas in the state of Veracruz and politicians helping them:

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Zetas in the state of Veracruz and politicians helping them: Arrange 24 Novemberthree trucks containing 26 bodies were found in an avenue at Guadalajara, Jalisco. Individual of the witnesses said so as to some teenagers were drinking gaseosa in front of a accumulate when armed men in two trucks abducted them. This is the only thing these ancestor Los Zetas can do. A note left on the area read: The heads were bring into being in black bags in a choice of parts of the city after everyone else on Friday, a spokesman designed for the ministry of public collateral in the state of Coahuila said on Saturday. July 14 — Twelve Mexican Federal Constabulary agents were kidnapped, tortured after that killed, and their bodies were later disposed on a bundle highway. Calle Puente Chico Adjudicator 3. City officials left the Army and State Police all the rage charge of public security.