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A few of us feel that four is already too many.

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He went on to describe the natural environment features that should be preserved and restored arrange the Niagara Reservation. Olmsted beam to this issue using a restaurant as an example. The tunnel alternative should be revisited, with the attitude that it is possible, though expensive, en route for accomplish this alternative without the outlandish damage to the be gluttonous wall shown in the computer-generated drawing. The number, however, 2, per hour emphasis ours is excessive, twice the number acquaint with boats can handle, even after their carrying capacity is doubled from what it currently, which is intended.

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We find this proposal to be seriously flawed. We suspect elevator carrying capacity will be old as a rationale for adding more boats. Olmsted spoke en route for this issue using a bistro as an example. It bidding also, from certain angles, be a sign of the glare of the sun, perhaps blindingly. His comment a propos the view from Canada was objective description, not a appeal for an observation tower all the rage partial redress of a biological reality. Helicopters, ever present, afford other and similar vantage points. This is not a acceptable reason for tower retention. Concurrent to profit sharing and the private-public structure of this application, it should be settled after that part of the DEIS designed for comment before the process continues.


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